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Imagine DOTA with giant robots and explosions



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Airmech is an action strategy game with a gameplay that is very similar to the one on DOTA (Defense of the Ancients), only the magic and swords fantasy setting is now replaced with a very different setting in which the protagonists are giant robots which can transform themselves at any time.

You’ll get to participate in quick battles which barley last a few minutes and in which strategy and action are at the service of skill and quick thinking, to provide you with a truly exciting experience.

Just as with DOTA or LOL, at the beginning of the game you'll have to choose between the different types of Airmechs available, as well as the different types of infantry units. Each one comes with its own set of abilities, so it’s really important to choose the one that best suits how you play.

Visually, Airmech is amazing; and not because it has the best models, or textures, but because it uses a 'cell-shading' art design that is reminiscent of Borderland and which fits in perfectly with the game's setting.

Airmech is a fun and action-packed game that not only offers a nearly endless online playing experience, but does so completely for free. You can buy new Airmechs and improvements if you want, but you won’t have to dig into your pockets in order to start enjoying the game.
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